ArchUp Safeguarding

We take the safeguarding of our ArchUp mentors and mentees extremely seriously. We are committed to creating an inclusive, diverse and welcoming environment for all mentees, mentors and guests, regardless of age, gender identity, sexual orientation, background or religion.

The 5 Rules to Safe ArchUp Mentoring

  1. Respect your mentees and mentors by always attending the sessions at the agreed time. Should you need to cancel or reschedule, please allow sufficient notice.
  2. Be mindful of mentees’ or mentors’ requirements due to seen or unseen disabilities and where necessary adjust your interactions accordingly.
  3. Be respectful and sensitive to the cultural background, practices and needs of mentees and mentors.
  4. Do not use aggressive, abusive or language of a sexual nature towards mentees or mentors on the ArchUp platform, in virtual calls or through any other external communication channel while in your ArchUp capacity.
  5. Do not share any information shared in confidence by mentees or mentors, unless there is a risk of personal harm, in which case the authorities or ArchUp Support team should be notified immediately.

To participate in the mentoring scheme, you must commit to respecting the above rules.

ArchUp Internal Safeguarding Practices

  1. Vetting of all mentors through professional social network platform LinkedIn and through additional references (where relevant) to reasonably ensure mentor authenticity.
  2. Availability of training and advice to ArchUp mentors.
  3. Considerate matching of mentors and mentees, respecting personal requests at all times.
  4. A clear and accessible complaints and resolutions process.
  5. Strict data protection practices to ensure no confidential personally identifiable information is shared outside of the individual mentor-mentee matches.